Ministering to Children in Ukraine

Our very first exhibition was held November of 1998. These exhibitions are held for 2 days (Friday and Saturday), usually in October. The purpose of the exhibitions is to gather all organizations that provide or sell materials or services that help churches and other Christian groups to minister to children or teenagers in the name of our Lord in one place, at one time, so that people can come from all over Ukraine to see what is new and available in this area. AND, many come not only from Ukraine, but also Russia, Belarus, Moldova and other countries!

We really strive for this Expo to be a blessing to those who serve our Lord.  We have 15 different seminars that are offered (the same set on both days) from various organizations with the goal of being practical and encouraging.  We also organize a "Blessed Lot" where organizations gather helpful materials/books and present them to the church represented by the registration slip drawn from the "golden box".

We end each day singing together what is almost considered by Ukrainian Christians to be the national hymn - "Prayer for Ukraine".  The Spirit that surrounds us as we all sing this moving song together is so powerful and unifying!

Please be in prayer with us as we prepare for 2018's Equipping Children's Workers exhibition which will be held on the 19th and 20th of October.